Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Did you know CA has an unofficial-official photographer?  If you’ve been to a CA Event you’ve probably seen Mr. Geoff with a camera in his hands taking pictures that appear in our marketing materials, social media and the yearbook.  This year Mr. Geoff opened a side business named Painted Barn Media to expand from an expensive hobby to a profitable (hopefully) business venture.  Through his photography website,, Mr. Geoff makes CA Event/Sports photos available for FREE download.

You are free to download and use CA photos from the Painted Barn Media site however you wish.  If by chance, you would like to compensate Painted Barn Media for this service, be assured that the money will be invested in camera and lens upgrades that will improve the quality of photos of our students and athletes.  The address for Painted Barn Media is available on the web or you can drop off money with Mrs. Shannon in the office.

You can learn more about Painted Barn Media and the services offered on the web at or by liking the Facebook Page Painted Barn Media.