Kindergarten is a Blast at Covenant Academy

The Warren County School System is conducting Kindergarten screening on Thursday April 6th (10 AM – 6 PM) and Friday April 7th (8 AM – 2 PM) in the gym at West Elementary. If you are planning on sending your child to Covenant Academy for Kindergarten, you still need to have your child go through Kindergarten Screening at West Elementary on April 6th or 7th.  Your screener will ask which school and at that time you tell them Covenant Academy.

If you are undecided or just curious about Covenant Academy for your Kindergartener, we will have personnel available at Covenant on Thursday April 6th to give tours and answer questions and if your visit time allows, maybe even let you visit a Kindergarten classroom while class is in session.  If you cannot make it during the school day we will be glad to schedule a time for you during the evening Thursday – please call the office 668-6185 to schedule your evening visit.

If you’d like to get a head start on Registration forms, you can download the forms here and get a head start on filling them out.  Please be aware that Covenant Academy caps the number of students in Kindergarten to maintain an ideal teacher student ratio, if we reach the cap status before your Registration is received we will put you on a waiting list until we determine if there is enough interest to open additional Kindergarten classes.

2017 Spelling Bee

Covenant Academy held its 2017 school wide Spelling Bee for students in 4th – 8th grade.  We started with 10 contestants and after 14 rounds we had a winner.

8th grader Emma Kate Wrather took the title as CA Champ over 6th grader Chase Newby.  Emma Kate’s winning word was “neutron”.  With the win, Emma Kate qualifies for the Scripps-Howard Southern Appalachian Regional Spelling Bee at UT Knoxville on Saturday March 4th.

2017 Spelling Bee Winner — Emma Kate Wrather
2017 Spelling Bee 2nd Place — Chase Newby

Click here for additional photos from the Spelling Bee.

School Communications Improvement

We have decided to convert our mass communications from being based in TeacherEase to using the web based tool  With we can enter the message once and then it is disseminated by your choice of communication method — as a text, as an in-app notification on your smartphone, or as an email.  You will need to sign yourself up using these instructions.  If you have questions or problems please contact Mr. Geoff.

The included instructions will get you signed up for our All Campus announcements.  In the future we will add communications channels dedicated to grade levels and sports teams that you will be able to subscribe to.

Christmas Program 2016

The Holiday Season is already upon us, which means one of our most popular nights of the year is just around the corner.  Covenant Academy presents its annual Christmas Program on Monday December 12th at 6:00 PM.  Be sure to make plans to attend this very special event that features our very talented students from the PreSchool through the High School.


Grandparents Day

dsc_0420On Wednesday September 28th we welcomed over 130 grandparents to our campus to experience a day at Covenant Academy.  Thank you to everyone who made Grandparents Day a huge success.

Below is a gallery of photos captured by our roving photographer – we hope you enjoy them.

dsc_0419 dsc_0415 dsc_0410 dsc_0407 dsc_0405 dsc_0392 dsc_0424 dsc_0428 dsc_0377 dsc_0378 dsc_0382 dsc_0384 dsc_0423 dsc_0422 dsc_0459 dsc_0456

Improve Our School with Boxtops and Labels

We will be taking advantage of both the General Mills Boxtops for Education and the Campbell’s Labels for Education programs.  Both of these programs provide opportunities for us to acquire resources to improve our school.  Your participation in both programs is fairly simple.  Just purchase qualifying products and then send labels to school.  With the Boxtops program you can help us by affixing your labels to collection sheets.  For more information on the respective programs click on the pictures below.




Social Media Minute

CA leverages social media as a key advertising tool because it is a popular means of communication for today’s parents as well as many of our students. Social media is different in one key aspect from traditional forms of media. It’s the social aspect. You the audience play a role in how widely the message is distributed. Through your likes, favorites, shares, re-Tweets, and comments you propel these messages to bigger and bigger audiences. As you use social media in your daily life help out the organizations that you support by liking or commenting on the items they post. On Facebook a Like is similar to Regular gasoline, but a Comment is similar to Premium gasoline.